Thursday, October 1, 2015

Rest in Peace Anthony Kevin Morais..

Rest in Peace Anthony Kevin Morais..

Negara kita digemparkan dengan pembunuhan yang kejam di bulan september yang lepas..

Setiap hari apabila bangun dari tidur aku sentiasa terpikirkan dimanakah sifat-sifat kemanusiaan manusia pada hari ini..hanya kerana RM50,000 yang dibahagikan beberapa bahagian..

Sesungguhnya berkerja bersamamu memang membuka mataku..

Kredit to: International Bussines Time.

Malaysian investigators said Wednesday that they have discovered the body of a deputy public prosecutor in an oil drum filled with concrete. The body of Anthony Kevin Morais, who went missing earlier this month, was found in USJ1 subang near Kuala Lumpur on Wednesday morning, local media reported.
"The oil drum was found in the river after divers went in to confirm it,” investigator Mohmad Salleh told local news site Malaysia Kini. "A forklift was called to hoist the oil drum out so that work could be carried out to remove the body from it."
Police officials said they have arrested seven suspects in connection to the case, including one who guided them to the location of the prosecutor's body. Authorities reportedly believe that one of the suspects -- a military doctor -- who had been prosecuted by Morais recently in a graft case was behind the killing. The other suspects were hired by the doctor to abduct and kill Morais, BBC reported.
Surveillance footage from the day Morais went missing after leaving his house showed his car being followed and rammed by another car. The 55-year-old was reportedly abducted after the collision.
Morais’ body has been sent to a Kuala Lumpur hospital for examination.

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